Hello, Miss Hunter

Hello, Miss Hunter

Items For Sale

Sometimes you perverts can't come to see me in London, and still want to worship appropriately. Buying my worn panties, tights or socks is a great way to keep a piece of Miss Hunter close to you.

I do like to hear from satisfied customers about how they've been sniffing every last inch of my stinky, still damp, trainer socks!

As a rule, I have stockings (nylon or modern, fully-fashioned, hold ups, tan, black, coloured and so on!), tights/pantyhose and myriad panties/thongs of various colours and styles.

I sometimes have size 4 shoes, boots and even trainers that I have worn out, as well as knee/thigh high socks.

All these can be sent out to you worn or unworn per your preference, or scented with a dash of my favourite perfume, and any underwear will be sent in a sealed plastic bag to make sure you receive it as close as possible to how it came off me.

Sweaty items from a strenuous gym work-out are particularly popular - I will take a photograph to give you an exciting preview before your items are posted for your perverted enjoyment! 

Prices start at £30 (plus P&P), and the items are in exchange for Amazon Gift Certificates, emailed to . Or as cash to my PO box address.


If you have any special requests please get in touch via my email address or via the site.