Hello, Miss Hunter

Hello, Miss Hunter

How is best to arrange a session with you?

Email me directly, using my contact form here, or

info @ hellomisshunter.com (remove the spaces)

with appropriate respect and careful spelling/grammar.

I understand that it can be tricky if English is not your first language, so am more lenient if that is the case, but one-liner emails, correspondence that is clearly copy-pasted to every domme in the UK, and "text speak" will not be tolerated.

*I do not subscribe to the concept of capitalising pronouns to denote dominance/vice versa. Please refrain from abusing the English Language this way when contacting me.*

If you haven't read these FAQs, and ask a question that is covered here, you're unlikely to receive a response.

I like to know a bit about what sort of session you are after, and your previous experience, (if any) to help me ascertain what might be possible, and which venue would be most suitable to book.

I usually request a deposit to secure the session, which is normally sent either as cash in the post to my PO Box address, or online as an Amazon GC.

When do you offer sessions? Can you see me the same day?

My schedule varies week to week, so I usually have a selection of daytime, evening and weekend options available. Same day is not generally possible though, and you will usually need to give at least 3-4 days' notice in order for me to book a venue.

Where do you offer sessions?

I mainly use the dungeon venues in Central London, in Islington and Farringdon, and also the schoolroom/study room in Farringdon as well for my CP sessions.

Other possible venues are a full, authentic schoolroom venue in Waltham Cross, and a domestic venue in Hayes & Harlington.

Do you offer cam or Skype sessions?

No. I prefer to only session face to face.

How hard do you spank?

Take note, this is the kind of question that will immediately mark you out as a time-waster. True, I am known to be a 'hard' spanker, but given the subjective nature of pain tolerance and multiple environmental variables, "how hard" is, frankly, an unanswerable question.

Put another way: one person's "medium" is another's "severe".

All you need to worry about is whether I can spank effectively and appropriately. (Yes)

Can I please you with my tongue/mouth? I'm really good.

No. And if you try, you'll be thrown out.

Do you offer relief?

No. A “happy ending” at my hands involves retaining the ability to walk out of the door without a nasty limp. ;)

Can I be your personal slave?

I am not looking for personal slaves at this time.

Can I call you to discuss my ideas for session?

I prefer to arrange things via email, and only use my phone to be contacted in case of problems on the day of a session. My number is not listed on the site for this reason, and calls/text messages outwith the above will be ignored.

I can’t afford to see you - can I do cleaning/gardening/web work/massage in return for a session?

In short… No. Save up for what will be a truly special treat.

Do you offer Outcalls?

At my discretion (and usually after I’ve already met you once) I will sometimes visit your hotel, depending on what type of session it is you are after.

Do you offer sessions that are shorter than an hour?

I do sometimes offer 'Short Sharp Shock' sessions, which are 30 minutes of no-nonsense spanking/foot worship/CBT sessions. Email me to enquire whether your ideal session would work in this format.

Are you discreet?

Privacy and discretion is just as important for me as it is for you. The only times I will ever resort to sharing an email address/ name is in the case of an unsafe/dishonest timewaster, and even then that is only to warn other professional ladies.

The venues I use are safe places, run by scene-folk, and you will invariably not see another person except for myself while you are there.

I’m worried about hygiene - are your implements clean?

I am fastidious about cleaning my own implements between uses, as it is a pet hate of mine to see unsafe or dirty items being used on multiple people. I use hospital-grade cleanser, as well as disinfectant, and hand-sanitiser/gloves as necessary. If skin is broken during a punishment, I will assess and treat the graze/cut appropriately. I am first aid qualified with a current certification in the 3 day course.

Implements found in the venues are checked prior to me using them, and if I am unsure, I won’t use them. 

Will you knock me out/choke me to unconsciousness/castrate/permanently scar me?

No. For me, a "safe & sane" BDSM play environment does not include interrupting blood flow to the brain, or permanently injuring/maiming someone.