Hello, Miss Hunter

Hello, Miss Hunter


Some genuine reviews from people who have recently sessioned with me.


"I've been wanting to visit Miss Hunter for quite sometime as she has quite a reputation as a hard spanker and I can usually take quite a bit. It also appealed that Miss Hunter is only 5 feet tall as Ive always wanted to be spanked hard by a short woman, after several emails we arranged to meet...


We had a friendly chat before the session and agreed on a Strict Headmistress/naughty School boy role play where I would get a really hard spanking. Having seen quite a few Mistress over the years I'm used to taking a hard spanking but boy this was the hardest ever. Miss Hunter pulled my trousers and underpants down then quickly went to work spanking my bare bottom. Miss Hunter pulled me right across her lap that my legs were dangling in the air. Miss Hunter might be small but boy is she strong. I'm 5"10 and pretty well built but Miss Hunter pulled me across her lap with ease. I really didn't think I could handle such a hard hand spanking but after a while I. started to enjoy it. After that I got the paddler then the whip which although hard were not as hard as Miss Hunters hand. Finally it was 6 of the best with the Cane. I've been caned plenty of times before but this was different Miss Hunter kept me waiting before the 1st stroke the anticipation was amazing eventually she delivered the 1st stroke which hurt but nothing I couldn't handle, after that she gave me 5 more each time keeping me waiting for the next stroke. After that it was over Miss Hunters knee for a final hand spanking which was even harder, how Miss Hunter can not just spank that hard but keep spanking that hard is unbelievable. Afterwards we had a friendly chat and hugged before I left.


I would say Miss Hunter is the Christian Ronaldo of the spanking World. She is a very attractive lady with a great figure but is a very strong lady who can dish out one hell of a spanking."
 P June '17



"I was lucky enough to to spend time with Miss Amy Hunter a few days ago.

We decided that the session would not involve role play but rather would be a real life punishment and stress relief exercise.


The time began with Miss Hunter putting me over her knee and giving me a no nonsense, bare bottom spanking without a warm up, that was the punishment. It was without doubt the hardest hand spanking I have ever received and it was certainly effective as a real punishment.


For the rest of our time together this very special lady administered several more spankings, including a memorable hairbrushing, and proved that she is an expert with all of her many implements, most particularly with the cane.


Miss Hunter is a strikingly beautiful lady with wonderful piercing eyes, a lovely smile and an infectious laugh. However don't be fooled into thinking she is not a very strict and effective disciplinarian because she most definitely is.


"Thank you for a very special afternoon Miss and I hope to see you again very soon."


Peter" Oct 15



A session with Miss Hunter can never be boring. She is creative and comes up with new ideas to make the session more fun. She's petite and you will be fooled by her size. She knows that. And she enjoys so much when she sees the surprise on your face at her strength and fighting skills. I remember once she sat on my belly in straddling position. She is very attractive and her sadistic smile is absolutely mesmerizing, so she was offering me a heavenly view and she knew I was enjoying it. Of course, she could not allow that: immediately she pressed my ribs with her knees to remind me that I shouldn't enjoy that much; then she locked me in a grapevine and forced the grapevine with her weight. That was painful. The most humiliating thing was that she was explaining since the beginning what she was doing to me in each step, like "now I am pressing your floating ribs and are you having difficulties to breath?", and so on. That projects an overwhelming impression of her being in full command, full control: she knows perfectly well what she's doing to you and if feels almost as if she could read your mind, to find your weaker spots.


She also has one of the most powerful scissorholds I've ever experienced. Her legs feel like concrete when she starts squeezing and she has so much fun crushing your neck. Her reverse scissor are especially lethal. Her firm cute bum is also taylor-made for facesitting and she is very good at it.


Apart from her gorgeous looks and her fighting skills, she also has a deadlier weapon: her tongue. Miss Hunter is very witty and her razor-shaped tongue make her the Empress of Sarcasm. Imagine gorgeous looks. fighting skills, misleading size, fit body, full control, wit and sarcasm set all to work with only one aim: humiliating you. Doesn't it sound like Heaven? With Miss Hunter, fun IS guaranteed. Book a session with her. You won't regret it.


@comfortface Jun 15



I had long been tempted to visit Miss Amy Hunter. Intrigued by the lady's reputation as a fearsome hand spanker and photos of her on various sites administering discipline, I then saw an advert for 'Bare bottom spankings over Miss Hunter's knee' and booked an appointment.

Miss Hunter was extremely welcoming and made time to chat to establish my interests. Then the session began. I was a naughty 16 year old schoolboy on his final warning for misbehaviour. Miss Hunter was my headmistress and her patience had run out. She explained that I would be put across her knee for a soundly smacked bare bottom. Hitching her dress up, the beautiful Miss Hunter ordered me to bend over her stocking-clad thighs. The spanking began. Hard stinging slaps were delivered alternately to my bare buttocks. As the pain began to build, I writhed a little, so Miss Hunter pulled me up from the legs more securely across her lap. Then she continued to smack my bare backside. The introductory spanking over, I was ordered to stand. Miss Hunter told me to turn round so she could inspect her handiwork. My bum was stinging and bright pink, but Miss Hunter seemed a little disappointed. 

Corner time followed. I faced Miss Hunter who lectured and scolded me for my misbehaviour. Then it was spanking time again. I was made to ask Miss Hunter to put me over her knee and smack me hard on the bare bottom. She pointed me into position to her right and commanded me to 'Bend over'. Secured a second time across Miss Hunter's thighs, the second spanking was, I think, much harder than the first, even allowing that my backside was sore from the first smacking. I didn't count, but I think each visit across Miss Hunter's knee comprised 40 or 50 hard slaps. Towards the end of the second smacking, I started to yelp - SMACK! 'YE-OW!' Allowing me to dismount her knee, Miss Hunter was noticeably more pleased with the results: a glowing purple bottom, starting to bruise lightly. More corner time and Miss Hunter's blue eyes held my gaze as she sternly told me off. Whereas before, I'd been tempted to indulge in some cheeky schoolboy banter, now I desired only to say the right thing, show Miss Hunter how sorry I was, that I'd learnt my lesson. Miss Hunter had tamed me, and we weren't even half way through my ordeal. My bum was now on fire, so Miss Hunter applied some gel. Then she smacked the fronts of my thighs as I stood before her, stingy slaps leaving pink marks.

The third spanking was a little lighter, but painful nonetheless. I managed to catch sight of Miss Hunter in the mirror. Her hand raised as high as possible, her arm a smacking machine, her face grimly determined. Spankings were now followed by smacked legs. Miss Hunter explained that her aim was to leave her hand print, fingers and palm, on the fronts and inside of my thighs. All the girls in the class would know I'd been smacked like a naughty little boy. Miss Hunter also showed me a thin, whippy ruler which she used to smack boys' thigh tops during lessons. The headmistress warned that, in future, I might be spanked publicly on my bare bottom, perhaps in the staffroom in front of the other teachers. She decided to tell the French teacher about my spanking on the bare, confident that the French teacher, in turn, would humiliate me by telling the class. 

In total, I think I endured about six or seven wallopings across my headmistress' knee - spankings I was made to request. Thigh slappings became harder too. 'Left leg forward', Miss Hunter would command, sometimes holding my leg in place at the back with her left hand and smacking hard with her right. At one point I flinched, having been told not to. This earned my legs further attention from the Miss Hunter's right hand. Miss Hunter enjoyed inspecting her work and was in the end, I believe, thoroughly satisfied with the marks she left on my bottom and legs. The final spanking was the hardest yet, strong smacks, more of them, delivered more rapidly. I don't know how Miss Hunter's hand endures the pain. But I watched her in the mirror as she spanked and spanked purposefully, her hand seeming to come from behind her head. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ''Yow! Miss! Miss!' I howled.

Detention over, soundly spanked, slapped and humiliated, I resolved to behave myself... until the next time...' 


I've been around on the scene for over ten years and first started sessions with Miss Hunter about three years ago.  Every session has been very different - but Miss Hunter is very good at remembering what I like, and like to hate, and keeping me guessing throughout the session.  She has access to a fearsome array of implements of torture, although, as her advertising says, her hands are devastatingly effective.  Miss Hunter is also one of the few I trust to use certain implements on me, such as the tawse on the hands and singletails.

I can also strongly recommend the Slayers parties, as being great fun and excellent value for money. 

Oct 15


Today I fulfilled an ambition of mine stretching back 3 years...to be spanked by Miss Amy Hunter. I've seen and read so much about her and it was great to finally meet her in the flesh. The thing that struck me straight away wasn't her fabulous looks, and figure, but her eyes....oh my god they are stunning, and when she gets into role play they are icy blue and totally intimidating.

I'd suggested an unusual role play where she played the part of a Solicitor and Executor of my late aunts will and she got the character spot on with the reading out of the terms of the will! Being ordered to strip and lie naked across her knee with her dress pulled up over her thighs was a truely erotic experience, and then the spanking began. I've seen on Miss Hunter's website that she is a hard hand spanker...well she isn't lying! I can honestly say that she gave the best handspanking that I have ever had, and a painful one especially when she focused her attention on the sit spot! She mixes hard spanks with teasing finger nails and I could have stayed there for hours in sub space.

I'd asked for an introduction to bottom worship as I'd never done it before.....she has the most perfect bum which I tried to flatter her with compliment to lesson my punishment, but to no avail. We then moved on to a variety of domestic implements, slipper, straps, and wooden spoon, in different positions, intermingled with teasing strokes with her nails, and humiliating comments as to how exposed I was with my bottom in the air. Finally I'd asked for a no-nonsense spanking with her ebony hairbrush. When she asked me to hold it I soon wished I hadn't asked for it as it is an incredibly evil weapon...really solid and thick. Thankfully she took pity on me and gave me an introduction to the brush...still painful mixing slow and fast spanks all over my bottom, but nowhere near as bad as it could have been.The session ended with me feeling sore but very happy, and then she came out of character and we had a lovely chat before sadly it was time to leave.

Fantastic session; fantastic role play; fantastic handspanking; fantastic bum; but those eyes.......!! You have to pay her a visit. I will be back, and with more courage to face a longer spanking with the hairbrush.

Mar 15




I have been a spanking enthusiast for quite sometime now. 

I have both given and taken spankings from girlfriends in the past. Currently my relationship is very vanilla and occasionally I like to visit a professional spanker.  The negotiations of seeking what I am after is that much easier


My work has brought me to UK for the summer. What better place to find a women to give me a spanking also, I know the British are fond of the cane, so I thought I would try that as well.


Looking online there are many pro dommes to choose from, but finding the right fit seemed not so easy. So I placed a query on a website called the British Caning Society looking for a recommendation of a professional disciplinarian.   I got a reply naming a few women who could give me what I was looking for. 


Among the suggestions offered, was Miss Amy Hunter.   Also, mentioned was that she is an incredibly hard hand spanker, which I find appealing.  


The next step in my research was to look for Miss Hunter on the web.  She was easy to find and the first thing I found was short clip of her receiving a spanking. I liked the idea of my spanker knowing what getting spanked feels like.  I looked at her website and some online interviews she had given. Miss Hunter seemed to be well immersed in the scene and and I got the impression she truly enjoys her work.  Her photos show off her  piercing blue eyes and and  a petite frame that emanates pure feminine strength.  


It was time to email Miss Hunter. Now, after some online reading about writing to a domme,  I learned some points of etiquette, which I will share here.  Most of it is obvious but I suspect not always followed.  Be respectful, clear about  what you seek, and very important spelling, grammar, and punctuation do matter.  


My email outlined that I was seeking a spanking and caning that would make my bottom cherry red. 


I was surprised to receive a prompt reply from Miss Hunter. She said she would be willing to play with me. I emailed her back confirming a time and tribute.   


Do you know Miss Hunter has a Twitter account? With  my appointment scheduled I saw some tweets that could have been a reference to my upcoming session. That is a fun part of this game as it builds up anticipation and even fear especially if you look at the pictures of some of her other victims.  


On the appointed day following Miss Hunters instructions I confirmed by text that we would be meeting that day.  I think I  texted something to the extent that I am sealing my fate and there would be no turning back. Pressing send was the start of some very nervous feelings for the next few hours.  


I showed up at the appointed time and location and  Miss Hunter met me at the door.  

We went into the room where my punishment was going to be given.  She took a look at me and saw a  very nervous individual.  Who wouldn't be, as the room was filled with row after row of very evil spanking implements.  Miss Hunter spoke to me in a caring and calming voice. She put me at ease.  


We discussed how the session would progress.   That I would be in for an extremely hard hand spanking and then a caning.   She left the room so I could change into a tee shirt and pajama bottoms.   


When ready there was a knock on the door and Miss Hunter entered ,she spoke to me in a strict firm voice ,that I was a naughty boy who's bottom was going to be cherry red when she was through.


She then commanded me to undo my pants and get over her knee.  I told her I wasn't going to pull my pants down. She suggested I better or else.  I didn't want to challenge her any further and got over her lap for my spanking.  Well she started in full bore and it hurt.  It stung but the pain turned to pleasure.  True to her word Miss Hunter can spank really hard with her hand.  


In the middle of wailing on my ass she grabbed me and pulled me onto her lap so that my legs were completely off the ground.  She is that strong, and it took the last bit of control away from me. I liked it.   Miss Hunter used her nails to press into the flesh with adds to the pain and also massaged hard on my well spanked bottom which seemed to distribute the pain more evenly.  


Then I got up off her lap and  I was told how naughty I was. I was made to ask to be spanked further. Which I did,  but making a major mistake of forgetting my manners and not asking please. Miss Hunter immediately chastised me and pulled me down to continue spanking my  bottom furiously. 


After  a  while over her knee I was told to get up for it was time to be introduced to the cane. 

Miss Hunter pulled a wooden trestle into the center of the room.  She grabbed a cane and spoke to me about it.  She made me feel safe, that she was accurate and would stop if my skin was broken. 

I was made to bend over the trestle I braced myself for what was to happen.

Miss Hunter seem to really be in her element now, swishing the cane in the air, touching it gently to my bottom teasing me so that I didn't know when it would strike for real.  Then it did, a searing stripe on my ass.   The first instant the cane lands, it doesn't really hurt. It is a split second later that a crazy painful sting begins. Stroke after stroke landed on my bottom and it really hurt. Miss Hunter helped me through the pain, she instructed me on my breathing which was very kind of her.  


When the caning ended, I was allowed to feel the newly formed lines on my bottom. I looked at at them in  the mirror.  


Then I was back over Miss Hunter's lap for one final hand spanking.  My ass was cherry red.   We were done.  Over an hour passed.  It was euphoric. I allowed Miss Hunter to take a picture of the stripes on my bottom for her Twitter page.  


Then we hugged, and talked. Miss Hunter was very complimentary of how well  I took my caning.  

We talked about playing safe and more. I felt she was giving me information about seeking this kind of play.  


After one more hug we said goodbye and I left. On the street I felt great.  I had my secret about what I had just done.   


When I got back to my flat, pictures of my session  was up on Twitter.   I loved seeing them there.  


I enjoyed my time with Miss Amy Hunter.    If you seek a spanking, I would not hesitate to contact her, how ever be careful what you ask for as she will give it to you and more!

Jul 15




I have been on the scene for many years and can honestly say that Miss Hunter is one of the best hand spankers I have met. 

She can be as stern as you like, but also has a wry sense of humour, as you can see in her blog.

Her role play is excellent, or if you prefer, she can deliver a hard, accurate punishment with any implement, without frills.

Miss H is quite happy to spend time discussing your needs beforehand and she takes care to follow your requests to the letter. 

She can deliver a good telling-off with a stare to freeze your bones!

But, if you dare to look back, those big blue eyes are a delight!


Aug 15