Hello, Miss Hunter

Hello, Miss Hunter


My skills as one of the UK's top Disciplinarians here in London have been built upon over 12 years of personal experience, and I have honed them over this time to become a very firm - but usually fair - domme, using my natural dominance and love of power interaction.

I aim to subtly infiltrate your barriers, and overpower you both physically and psychologically. 

If you are looking for a mechanical, "one size fits all" dominatrix experience, you are in the wrong place: I am sharp, intelligent, and unerringly efficient. 

Do not be fooled by my size; I may be 5 foot tall (in my stockinged, size 4 feet) but I can still command your attention and respect without resorting to shouting or unnecessary swearing. I am also rather stronger than I look, and my hand spanking can often get through to those over my knee more intensely than a paddle or slipper would - you have been warned!

Corporal Punishment is my background, and is also my speciality - I am renowned for my skill and accuracy with implements - but I also have a fondness and revered reputation for imaginative role play and finding new ways of making my inner sadist smile. I relish the variety of scenarios and situations my work offers me; improvisation is a natural strength, and if you have a specific idea in mind, or just want a coherent, intelligent conversation or lecture then I am always happy to create that.

Having spent many years living in Glasgow, (before moving to London to give the Capital some Corporal Punishment!) I am known to be highly skilled with the tawse, and have delighted in applying my selection many times to bottoms, and also to hands - often virgin hands.

I also love to administer a no-nonsense caning, if given half a chance. Six of the best on a cold bottom will really make you pay attention for the rest of your detention.




Every session and detention with me is unique; my multi-sensory approach to play will leave you rocked to your very core, long after you return to the real world. As one sub recently described it:
"Well and truly Huntered."







At a Glance
  • Height: 5 foot
  • Dress Size: 10-12
  • Bra Size: 32D
  • Shoe Size: UK4/ EU37/ US6.5
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Blue

Treat Me

Whether for a birthday gift (it's the 2nd June, take note!) or a generous treat, some of my favourite brands' websites are listed below - gift certificates can be obtained and either emailed or sent directly to me.

Why not visit my Amazon Wishlist if you can't deliver a gift in person, or send an Amazon Gift Certificate to my email address so I can choose something perfect?

I am vegan, so if you wish to buy me chocolates as a gift at your session, please do ask in any Hotel Chocolat store for their vegan selection (there's much more than you think!) or alternatively I am very fond of both Bendick's Bittermints/Bitterorange chocolates, and Booja Booja chocolates, available in several supermarkets!

My fragrances of choice come from Juliette Has a Gun - email me if you'd like to purchase one of these exotic scents for me to see which of my favourites I'm running low on.