Hello, Miss Hunter

Hello, Miss Hunter

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Be sure to read the FAQ page prior to using this form to contact me. 

The grey text above the message field highlights suggestions for information to include in this message; it is NOT an invitation for you to send me an abstract list of activities you favour, with no other text or information.

Treat the message field as you would an actual email, with appropriate greeting (getting my name correct is a must), and a respectful and carefully-written enquiry. 

NOTE THAT MESSAGES ARE SENT WHEN THE TEXT CHANGES FROM "SEND" to "SENT" - the text you have entered will stay visible, but I will have received the mesage. Please do not repeatedly press the "SENT" button as I will receive your message multiple times.

Try to give me a few potential dates and times that would work for you.
Please outline desired roleplay, services, attire, implements, limits, etc. Please also use this space for any questions you may have about my services.