Hello, Miss Hunter

Hello, Miss Hunter


In 2013 I began running the Slayers parties, and they have evolved into unique, very popular set-ups for true spanking and discipline aficionados.

Slayers takes place in Central London, close to Angel tube station, and features three highly experienced domme ladies, all of whom you will see individually for a “mini 1-2-1”, away from the eyes of the other attendees. A strict maximum of 9 gents can attend this party.

Each lady has an "order of service" card with everyone’s name on it. When your name is called, you will go with that lady and have a brief chat about your likes/dislikes/limits etc. You can then choose several implements from our - frankly huge - array of quality, clean CP accoutrements, and then depart for a personalised, intensive experience with one of the UK’s top CP dommes.

You will see each of these ladies for the same amount of time, and try to relax in between the sessions in the comfortable chill-out area of the venue. There is a break for a buffet lunch to renew tired bottoms.

There is extra spanking action in the form of the finale double punishment, where all the ladies join forces and deliver your final caning or strapping punishment in front of the room, and often ad hoc spankings/random spanking games dished out by your host.

Ladies who appear at the party have so far included Miss Brown, The Hunteress, Dr Woods, Miss Fox, Miss Reece, Miss Sarah Stern, Miss Elsa Svenson, Miss Lucy McLean (my sister!), Mistress Rebekka Raynor, Miss Donna Davenport, Miss Jenny Red, and Fraulein Katherina Krieger.

Crime and Punishment is Slayers' smaller sister party, it features myself and Miss Reece, a maximum of six chaps, and lots of deserved punishments!

Like big sister party Slayers, Crime & Punishment involves private "mini 1-2-1 sessions" with each lady, to really get to the bottom of each individual's crime. (You have the option of choosing real crimes or misdemeanours, or alternatively we can make up something for you if you'd prefer to purely role-play).

Upon arrival, each criminal will be given a number, and it will be this number that is used to summon you throughout the rest of the party. You will see each lady for the same amount of time, and the gents who are not being punished are kept in a waiting area where they can hear the sounds of their comrades being whacked, to really heighten the sense of anticipation! 

After a short refreshment break with a light buffet, you will experience the "quick fire" rounds - 5 min with each lady, in a more random order, to keep you on your toes!

This will all then be followed by a private double session with both ladies, where each individual is summoned, with their official disciplinary form, and spanked and caned as the ladies decide. 

For more information about the parties, and latest dates/ladies attending, visit the website HERE.